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March 19 2017

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March 14 2017

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I feel like this is the moment a young mutant just found out that his power is manifesting sliced bread

Und die Jünger so "Bei Gott..."

March 13 2017




My dad just saw my report card and started yelling at me because there was an F on it, but it actually was F for female as in gender

“Are you a boy, or a girl?”

“I’m a failure.”

“Yeah but what’s between your legs?”


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MMO PvP mode in a nutshell

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when in doubt, the citation of choice

This explains so much in cataloguing class.

There is literally a specific way you enter the Author of a book if a ghost supposedly spoke to someone and got the living person to write a book for them.

I’m not even kidding.

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this hits too close to home

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I was out with a friend tonight doing one of my fave things. Reading the backs of romance novels aloud. Found this gem.

This is honestly the most wild sounding romance novel I have ever seen and thought it might brighten someone’s day.

Nothing says romance like Viking Vampire-Angel Time Traveling Cowboys named Cnut.

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