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April 08 2017

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You live in an alternate world where twins—fraternal and identical—can feel each other’s physical pain. You are an only child with no siblings. One day, suddenly, you feel a burning pain in your chest.

It’s called heartburn, learn to eat slower you hooligans

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this is the 2016 apology post. reblog in 45 seconds and 2016 will apologize to you in the form of money.

not risking it.

Not even scrolling past it

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A few weeks ago, we exhibited at Emerald City Comicon. Typically when we attend conventions, we try to create some spectacle that captures people’s attention and sells games. Like the time we brought a marching band to PAX Australia.

At ECCC, we set up a “Pay What You Want” booth and encouraged people to give us any amount of money in exchange for our games. We put games on a table, set up some signs, stood off to the side, and waited to see what would happen.


We brought 2000 games. Before the convention began, we took bets on what would happen:

  • Tom thought we’d sell out in a few hours.
  • Alex thought we’d run out on the of the second day of the con.
  • Trin thought that we would not run out of games because we are no longer cool or relevant.
  • Jenn got a fever and didn’t know what was happening.

We were all wrong. 


The doors opened, and attendees swarmed the booth. Within five minutes attendees realized they could just take games and walk away. A small group grabbed armfuls of free games and left, but most people paid something. Within an hour, the booth looked like this:


We ran out of games in 51 minutes.and made $8042.48, or 18.7% of the games’ retail value. In other words, we lost $685.44 per minute.


Attendees put lots of other stuff in the payment box too.


Some things you put in our box:

  • Five Canadian Dollars ($3.72 USD)
  • Ten Euros ($10.66 USD)
  • Eighty Philippine Pesos ($1.59 USD)
  • One Chinese Yuan ($0.14 USD)
  • One Cubone Pokemon Card, XY Breakthrough (Avg price - $0.68 USD)
  • One Magic: The Gathering Eternal Masters booster pack wrapper (No Value)
  • One handwritten “Any Pizza Free” and “Twisted Flicks + KPC” Coupon from a Papa Murphy’s in Kirkland, WA (Estimated Value $25.00 USD)
  • One $1 Bill folded into a bowtie ($1.00 USD)
  • One “FeelTheBurn.org” $1 bill. ($1.00 USD)
  • Two halves of a $1 bill ($1.00 USD )

Once we sold out, we had to figure out what to do with our booth space. 

On Saturday, we gave our space to artists who weren’t able to get a table at the con. People showed up to exhibit cosplay horns, board games, recycled journals, and comic art.


On the last day of the con, we set up a station for mailing letters to representatives.


We provided pens, paper, postage, envelopes, writing tips, and the address of every US Senator. 


Over 200 letters were written by con attendees, including the most bad ass Imperator Furiosa cosplayer we’ve ever seen.


We’re still waiting on Immortan Trump’s response.

cards against humanity is run by the pure force of chaos I stg. I like what they did with their booth after tho

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someone: what are you planning to do after college?


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Pandas. Are. Future.

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this is the most powerful image on the internet.. reblog to join the circle


It’s so powerful that it’s trembling

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Dogs are too pure honestly

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dear diary
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They photograph a technician, holding an actual sphere (not a disk), coated in vantablack—(the darkest pigment ever created):

I’m sorry but you are mistaken, this man is try to catch the road runner and that is a hole he’s gonna put on the ground to catch him

He’s flipping us off and they had to censor it quickly

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this is the only way I’m drinking wine now

Hey guys,you want a drink? Just let me HURgleteughergle

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to brighten your day, here is some young mark hamill (aka luke skywalker, hero of the galaxy). wearing a sweater. cuddling a kitten. enjoy! (x)

I’m the cat

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